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We spent ten years teaching pet owners how to groom their own dogs, and now you will find our dog care and grooming e-books for sale on this site and at Amazon, the Kindle store, Barnes & Noble's Nook Bookstore, KOBO, Apple's ibookstore, Smashwords, Bookstrand, and many other online retailers.


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Grooming your own Dog: How to do it and what is the best equipment to use


We spent ten years teaching pet owners how to groom their own dogs and people mainly came to our grooming classes to learn to groom and clip their own pet dogs, but a few came to learn basic dog grooming skills as they were interested in working in the dog grooming or dog care industry. As dog sitters or minders and walkers.

Pet owners often came because they had more than one dog and wanted to reduce the cost of regular grooming. But others came for many different reasons, perhaps because they had old dogs and were not happy to leave them at a groomer's for the day, or shy dogs that were frightened of the groomer or the car trip. Most of our students had small, what are called non shedding, dogs. Maltese, Poodles, Shihtzus, Poodle crosses and Maltese crosses etc. Also may labradoodles.

We found that what our students all needed most was confidence in working with their dogs. The most important things you need to learn are the basic ones. To wash and dry your dog well and to understand what grooming equipment you need and how to use it. Many students were genuinely afraid they could seriously hurt their dog with electric clippers, and they were concerned and nervous when their dog wriggled and made noises when they tried to brush or comb it.


First things first:-


The 10 grooming steps

Step one: Brushing


Before you do anything else, even washing your dog, you should try to get out most of the knots in his coat.


The best tool to use for this is your slicker brush - these are designed to remove dead hair and to break up matting in the coat if used properly. We always used and recommended the medium sized Lawrence Tender Care slicker for small dogs, and dogs up to about 18 inches tall. The medium size is easiest to use correctly.



First brush your dog with the slicker brush. Then find any mats in its coat, and taking them in your hand brush them with the slicker brush. If they are big mats you will need to break them up using your fingers or even scissors then brush more. We show this in our book Basic Dog Grooming - Long Coats.


To Be Continued

Selected Dog History and Dog Care & Grooming E-books (click on e-book cover image to read more and buy)

Dog Grooming - Long Coats: for pet owners


Fully Illustrated



Cutting Your Dog's Nails and Pad Hair or All you ever wanted to know about  your dog's feet but were afraid to ask

  by Puppy Care Education

Fully Illustrated

The complete e-book guide to your dog's paws and trimming your dog's toenails and pad hair.


Healthy Ears for Your Dog or

All you ever wanted to know about  your dog's ears but were afraid to ask

by Puppy Care Education

Fully Illustrated

The complete e-book guide to your dog's ears and helping to prevent infections and other problems.



Old Dogs, Old Friends Parts 1 and 2

US$4.99 each

Enjoying Your Older Dog is about making the most of your companions later years and savoring them

Caring for Your Older Dog looks at many of the illnesses and problems that can occur as old age advances, and helps to show what can be done to alleviate them and provides advice that may help you to live with them

Illustrated dog e-books by

Chris Walkowicz and Bonnie Wilcox DVM

We all one day notice that our dog is getting older. Often suddenly realizing that they are no longer able to do all the things they used to, that their eyes are looking cloudy or seeing that gray hair is getting very noticeable on their face. Old dogs slow down and may take it easy but they still love a bit of excitement and they have become wonderful companions. It can suddenly be very disturbing to think of what the future holds.

In Old Dogs, Old Friends Chris Walkowicz and Bonnie Wilcox have created a set of books about loving, living with, and caring for our old dogs, our old friends. The authors have collected wonderful personal stories from literally hundreds of owners of old dogs to illustrate what sharing their lives with our old friends can be like.

If you have a four legged family member who has reached or is approaching old age the two books in the Old Dogs, Old Friends seriesóEnjoying Your Older Dog and Caring for Your Older Dogómake not only inspirational and moving, but also practical reading.


A Short History of Veterinary Medicine for Dogs by Amy Fernandez





The Complete Q & A Book on Dogs by Chris Walkowicz and Bonnie Wilcox D.V.M.

Click on cover image to read more and buy.

Illustrated with original drawings by Mary Jung.

Itís not always easy to find knowledgeable answers to questions about buying, raising, loving, and living with dogs in todayís world. The authors of this 200 page book have managed to provide straightforward and practical answers to most questions that prospective and new owners are ever likely to ask, while always having the dogís welfare at the forefront. The book also features delightful hand drawn illustrations.


Most of those who are lucky enough to share their lives with dogs know they are privileged, and do not take the relationship lightly. This books is for all of those people who feel this way about their dogs



Rehoming Ferri  

by S Bush and R Samuels


Non Fiction 


Fully illustrated, inspirational, true dog story.

When Ruth lost her elderly Chinese Crested dog, Lou, she was devastated and she and Bohdi, her Tibetan Spaniel, were both pining for another companion.

So into their lives came Feral, now named Ferri, another older Chinese Crested girl in search of a new home. Unfortunately this girl did not have Louís easy nature and turned Ruthís and Bohdiís lives into an emotional roller-coaster ride. A ride that Ruth describes with touching and genuine feeling in her emails to the friend who gave her Feral.


Illustrated with color photos taken by Ruth.


Click on cover image to read more, and buy.






Operations Manual for the Chinese Crested

by Amy Fernandez


Non Fiction, Breed Specialist Book


This fully illustrated e-book provides an excellently written, in depth look at the Chinese Crested, that is ideal for breeders, owners and judges. 


Award winning author Amy Fernandez has owned, bred and written about Chinese Cresteds since 1982. 

Click on cover image to read more, and buy.



Operations Manual for the Xoloitzcuintli 

by Amy Fernandez


Non Fiction, Breed Specialist Book

The complete illustrated guide to the Xoloitzcuintli, or Mexican Hairless dog, for judges, breeders and owners.

This books is aimed at readers with a serious intestine in understandign the structure and traits of this rare and ancient breed, the Dog of the Americas.


Amy Fernandez is an award winning dog book author who has owned Xolo's and has judged the Mexican Xoloitzcuintli Specialty show in Tijuana, by invitation. Her books have won her the Howell Award for dog writing, among many awards, and she is a regular feature writer for various dog magazines.  


Click on cover image to read more, and buy.


Dog Grooming - A Short History

by Amy Fernandez


Non Fiction

This illustrated e-book gives a short but detailed history of dog grooming, and the trials and tribulations of the development of show dog grooming and dog grooming in general.

From the days of hand clipping  and no running water, this book tells the story of how dog grooming has grown up.  

Click on cover image to read more, and buy.

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