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5 Essential Considerations When Choosing a Playpen for Your Pup


Photo Copyright: cynoclub

Most dogs donít know where to channel their energy. As a result, they end up chewing on your shoes or ruining the furniture instead. To make sure this dreadful scene doesnít happen in your home, your pup needs a pet playpen where he can safely release his pent-up energy.


A playpen will also serve as an exercise area for your pup. Itís a place where your dog will feel comfortable to do whatever he wants especially if you donít have the luxury of time to look after him.


But before you rush out to buy a playpen for your beloved pooch, below are some important things to keep in mind:


1. Needs

Depending on what your needs are, you will have to pick between indoor and outdoor playpens.


l     Outdoor pens Ė These are usually bigger pens that come in the form of a sun screen and a wire mesh. If youíre going on a trip with your pooch, these are ideal as you can easily set them up and dismantle afterwards.

l     Indoor pens Ė These tend to be lighter and usually smaller. If you have ongoing renovation work in a section of your house, these will help keep your pooch secure in a designated area.


Whether itís an indoor or an outdoor playpen, whatís important is that you can easily clean it. If you have a busy schedule, you can also leave a dog potty inside the playpen to make cleanup faster.


2. Size

A pup loves to play and squirm so find a playpen that has the perfect size for your dogís behaviour. This is crucial if youíre trying to keep your pooch confined as he may end up breaking out of the pen.


Dogs vary in sizes which is why you also need to think about the growth rate of your puppyís breed. If your pup looks small now, that doesnít mean he wonít grow into a large dog in the future. For instance, a Labrador wonít be able to run freely inside a playpen that is the same size as that for a Chihuahua.


A crammed-in dog wonít be content and happy inside his playpen. Consider choosing a playpen which is expandable and can change its shape to fit into different spaces.


3. Materials

Most dog playpens are made out of metal and plastic. Metal pens are stronger than plastic and are more chew-resistant. But if you plan to travel or go on a holiday, soft playpens with mesh windows are ideal as they can be stored flat.


Remember that soft playpens arenít chew-proof so you have to watch your pup for any destructive behaviour. Discourage chewing by providing an assortment of treats and chew toys for your pooch to gnaw on whenever he gets bored or anxious.


4. Price

More often than not, the cost of a playpen is a good indicator of the quality of the product.


As much as possible, donít pick the cheapest playpen you can find as it may be made out of substandard materials that will easily break or come apart. This is a recipe for disaster especially if your pup goes running around the house and accidentally ends up ingesting toxic material.


5. Safety

The good thing about a playpen is that itís a portable fence option for pet owners that are still renting and/or canít fence in their yards. Itís a cost-effective solution that allows your dog some outside play time while also being kept secure. All you have to do is set it up while youíre gardening or relaxing with the assurance that your pooch wonít go wandering off and hurt himself.


The size of your dog and how boisterous his breed tends to be are important things to take into account as well. Additionally, if you have children, you may want to make certain that you have a tall, sturdy pen that will help keep both your pup and kids separate.


Quality rules

Each time you buy dog products, you should always make sure that theyíre of a high quality to ensure that your pooch wonít destroy them with one use.


A pet playpen will be a big help in keeping your dog safe. But keep the above tips in mind before you purchase one so you can rest easy knowing that once you get a good quality playpen, you can keep your dog secure and content.





Andrew Kevan has been the Account Manager at Sandleford Holdings since 2016. He studied at Monash University and completed his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Zoology. Andrew is the owner of a beautiful Rottweiler named Lady who is constantly spoiled and loves her Fido & Fletch Large Pet Home.