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Your Puppy’s Life Before You Met  

The first eight weeks

Your puppy is a mammal, like you, and was born in pretty much the same way as a human baby.


At birth your puppy had a placenta and an umbilical cord like a human baby, but unlike a human baby’s, the puppy’s cord fell off in only a couple of days.

Unlike a human baby, your puppy was born with its eyes and ears sealed and still developing.

Two Weeks

Between ten and seventeen days your puppy’s eyes would have opened and been a bluish colour. At this stage they are still not focusing properly, rather like the eyes of a newborn baby.

Three Weeks

At about three weeks your puppy’s ears will have finished developing and will open internally. Now it will hear things for the first time. A human baby is supposed to be able to hear before it is born.

At about three weeks your puppy will also have started to walk about. It will begin trying to eat solid food. Human babies will not eat solid food until at least six months of age, or more.

Four Weeks

By four weeks your puppy was starting to run about, playing with its littermates and its mother. Human babies don’t start walking until they are nearly twelve months old.

At four weeks your puppy was also starting to get his baby, or milk, teeth. Babies don’t teethe until they are about eight months old.

Eight Weeks

At eight weeks of age your puppy leaves its home, and perhaps its mother, for the first time, and goes to live with you. He may also have spent a few days on display in a pet shop.

Moving Home Is a Big Change for This Baby!

Your new puppy may settle in really quickly and well—particularly if you have another friendly dog at home, or are home a lot yourself. He may, though, take a few days, or even a couple of weeks, to get used to being all alone and somewhere else.

Your New Puppy Is Still a Baby!

Remember that at eight weeks of age, your puppy is still only the equivalent of a human toddler!

Be patient and don’t expect too much from your puppy in the first few weeks!



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