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A recipe for a natural "baby powder" that can be used as a dry shampoo for your dog.


The procedure is simple. Start with eight ounces of corn starch and three ounces of baking soda. Add four ounces of rice flour… if you’re not familiar with this product, it is very fine and very, very silky… and mix everything together thoroughly (I use a little whisk). If you can’t find rice flour, try using arrowroot powder or tapioca starch.

This recipe makes an unscented powder that is smooth and soothing. The powder can be scented, but personally I prefer the unscented version or a natural, non-perfume like scent. (Try putting the powder in a ziploc plastic bag for several days with a few sprigs of a nice-smelling herb like dried lavender… the powder will pick up the scent. Take out the herb sprigs before you put the powder into containers.)

After I have mixed up a batch of this powder, I transfer it into empty shaker powder containers that I saved from when I used to purchase commercial body powder. Sometimes if the weather is especially humid, this powder may clump, but if you add about a quarter teaspoon of uncooked rice to each container, the rice won’t shake out but will keep the powder flowing smoothly. To make a larger or smaller batch of powder, double or halve each of the ingredients listed above.