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Rehoming Ferri

  by R Smauels and S Bush

Fully illustrated, inspirational, true dog story.

When Ruth lost her elderly Chinese Crested dog, Lou, she was devastated and she and Bohdi, her Tibetan Spaniel, were both pining for another companion.

So into their lives came Feral, now named Ferri, another older Chinese Crested girl in search of a new home. Unfortunately this girl did not have Louís easy nature and turned Ruthís and Bohdiís lives into an emotional roller-coaster ride. A ride that Ruth describes with touching and genuine feeling in her emails to the friend who gave her Feral.

Illustrated with colour photoís taken by Ruth.





So the waiting game began. If I went near the carry box that she came in, she growled. I hadnít really seen her. Just a pair of glowering eyes through a fringe. An occasional blur as she shot out, out the door and back again. I couldnít remove her leash. A friend arrived and she growled if we looked in at her and she was shaking with fear. I almost sent her back that afternoon. I didnít feel it fair to cause her so much grief.

From Ruth, Saturday, 1 December, 5:19:53 PM

I don't know if my earlier message got through. Outlook Express playing up. Feral came out about lunch time and widdled on the carpet beside her box and went back. I didn't actually see her, just noticed the puddle. I had a friend here this afternoon too for a lesson and she growled and shook for a bit them just went to sleep. I came into the study about five and she put her head out and smelled about for a bit and then went back.

I put her dinner out a little away from her box so that she needed to come out but she kept her back leg in and gobbled down her food. I fed Bodhi well away. He took a bone away to eat and she dashed out, ate his dinner and dashed back. I've propped the back wire door open just in case she didn't realised there is a hole there. She is not starving. I'll move her dinner further away each meal. But she still has on her leash and I'm not going to force her. I guess she'll come out when she is ready. I'd love to get her leash off. I think she is waiting for you.

To Ruth, Sunday, 2 December, 11:51:36 PM

Feral is taking her time. But they can. I homed a very friendly (I thought) girl and it took two weeks for her to talk to anyone. But she had been to Tasmania, to the Hobart Royal agricultural show with a friend, and was no trouble. I am supposed to be in town tomorrow again so will drop by.

Children are a worry.

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