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Submission Guidelines

We are a royalty paying publisher and a member of the Australian Publishers Association and we take pride in the books we produce. All our books are fully edited by our professional in-house editorial staff and we also format all our books in-house. 

Puppy Care Education ebooks are available through our website and from all major ebook distributors.

About Submitting to us:


We are looking for manuscripts that are in depth and specialised, see our ebook "Healthy Ears for Your Dog." We do not want generalised books as this information is available easily on the internet. We want works that  go to the next level or beyond. We also prefer works dealing with rare breeds of dog unless you have something very special to say or are acknowledged to have great expertise in your breed.

We are looking for similar types of submission on cats, birds-parrots especially-and exotic pets.

Submissions must be professionally presented, factual, and well researched with all information verified.  For legal reasons we do not publish books giving any health or medical advice, which should be given by a veterinarian, unless the book is written by a fully registered and insured veterinarian.

Our dog books are illustrated and we would like you to be able to provide at least some images for your work, at a resolution of 300 dpi. You must have the rights to any images you provide to us. We may also use Royalty free images or our own images in works as we feel appropriate.


We are looking for inspirational fiction stories about humans and dogs living together, it may be told from the human's side or the dog's side or both.

The story may be a romance, a family/relationship story or humour. We love Peter Mayle's "A Dogs Life." 


As we are primarily an e-book publisher we will consider manuscripts as short as 5,000 words, and prefer not to consider works over 40,000 words.  We expect our non-fiction, specialised works to be under 10,000 words with around 20 illustrations.

All submissions are to be in English -  preferably American spelling, and emailed to us as attachments and as Word  .doc or .rtf files.  You must also send a synopsis in the body of he email.

We expect you to have used spell check and to have had at least one other person, with good grammar and spelling skills read your manuscript to find any errors in it so you can correct them before you send it to us. We prefer to receive professionally edited manuscripts.

At this time we will respond to all submissions within 4 weeks.

We will normally contract a work we publish for five years for digital and print rights. 

Note - We only accept electronic submissions.

Send your submissions here.



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your e-book will be emailed to you, as an email attachment, within 12 hours of purchase. Please contact us if there is a delay.


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